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Jiangsu Wuxi Nanquan Electromechanical Equipment Factory
Our factory is located in the bank of Tai Hu of scenery beautiful£®with beautiful environment-Nanquan town of Wuxi£®
Our factory establishes annually to 1989£¬cover an area of 3000 square meters£¬has fixed assets of 5 million yuan£¬ISO 9001 international quality system authentication enterprises£®
Our factory produces the advanced hydraulic tool£¬for instance£ºTYD Copper aluminium arrange bus bar make person who process£¬electronic pump£¬cut machine of arranging£¬wash hole machine up£¬curved to arrange plane hydraulic t001£®The hydraulic products that our factory produces sold well in all parts of the country£¬the products of our factory were well received by the masses of users since ten years£¬use the family to do in an expert way in the course of constructing£¬show its color completely£®
In order to meet the market£¬meet the development trend of new and high technology better£¬ base on foundation that modern science combine with practice£¬Our technician is developing and developing the new high¡ªquality products hard constantly£¬offer more high¡ªquality services to various circles of society£®
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