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Multi-functionalline production machine

  Function                                 cut,impact holl,bend     

 Dimension of work table         600mm(L)×600mm(W)×770mm(H)

 Input voltage                   single phase50Hz,220V       

 Rating work oil pressure        700kgf/cm2(safty enactment value of overtop press)

 Cut board strength              25ton

 Capacity of cut board           copper board/aluminium board 150mm×10mm

 Impactholl stingth              30ton

 Distance from holl to board side   80mm

 Impact holl capacity of cooper board   holl dia11mm,14mm,18mm,21mm boardthickness 10mm

 Impact holl capacity of hollr board     holl dia 8mm-21mm  board thickness 10mm

 Standard ampact holl mould             impact holl Φ11mm,Φ14mm,Φ18mm,Φ21mm

 Bend board strength                    25ton

 Impact of bend board                   copper board/aluminium board 200mm×10mm

 Weight                                 140Kg


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